About Us

  • The Aim

    The aim of this web site is to promote good designs in the world by supporting individuals and organizations that are currently engaged in creating good designs. We hope as many people as possible use this site for the platform of their various activities.

    The Role

    Its name, ‘Designtope’ is coined by combining the two words of ‘design’ and ‘biotope’. This name indicates its limitless future possibility as the platform for the creation and the promotion of good designs. Our hope is that this organization and this web-site, like the ecosystem of living organisms, are to self-propagate and self-evolve with the activities of the people and the organizations participating.

    The Ideas

    The basic principle Designtope holds is that such activities as creation, cultural promotion, commerce and information exchange are to be one organically uniformed whole. We believe everything we do in our daily lives is a creative activity, a cultural activity as well as a commercial activity. We also believe that what we call ‘society’ should be the harmonious whole created by the exchanges of information among individuals, various organizations in the global scale.

    The Structure

    This web site is made up of four independent sub-sites of Gallery, Library, Competition and Studio, which are to be organically unified as one harmonious whole. This structure will produce the synergy effect with the participation of the people enthusiastic for ‘good designs’. We hope as many people as possible, with their special abilities and interests, positively participate in the creation of the web-site to be the landmark for the future of good lives of people.

    The Organization

    Designtope is a joint-project supported by the capital of a number of companies as well as individuals. The companies and the individuals that have made the creation of Designtope possible are a number of partner companies, shops, exhibition galleries, design museums, architects and designers. The daily activities of the companies and the designers participating in the creation of this web-site energize this web-site and their activities in this web-site ,in turn, energize the daily activities of the participants.